A netlabel from the early days of netlabels
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hcnl013 Salt|water - Cameron MacNair
hcnl012 Garter - Jaguar Min
hcnl011 It's All Scar Tissue And Dead Hairs - User
hchd010 Cynosure - Mikrosopht andand Various
hcnl009 Radio Escobar -
hcnl008 Fade - Precession
hcnl007 Arenite Diatribe Ep - QXTC
hcnl006 Clean - User
hcnl005 Enso Compilation Mix - Various
hcnl004 Enso Compilation - Various
hcnl003 Scrap Head Ep - Analogg
hcnl002 The Abundance Of Idle Matter That Is Everyday Hatched And Brought Forth Into The World - Manticore
hcnl001 Many Simple Systems - Phasic
hc199 Kindertransport - Jonathan Fisher
hc198 Live At Verbal Arts - Signals Under Tests
hc197 A Hero In Playmood - Firnwald
hc196 An Ever Changing Pattern Of Incredible Complexity Part 1 - Earth to Alien Invader
hc195 Pottsq - Unveil
hc194 A Load Of Old Drgs - DRGS
hc193 Tracks - 11t1
hc192 Qxtc7 - qxtc
hc191 Battery Collection - Battery Collection
hc190 Run Stop Ep - Dril
hc189 Untitled Ep - Mercury Effect
hc188 Double Ko - and.
hc187 Anoranza Tropical - Mabafu
hc186 Lost In Winter - Monopole
hc185 Dyslectrik Part 2 - qxtc
hc184 Super Hooper Dookie Bay - The Dook
hc183 Untitled - qxtc
hc182 Damn, I Can't Think Of Anything Proper - Dusan
hc180 Radio Vision - Domestication of the Dog
hc179 Earth To Alien Invader - Earth to Alien Invader
hc178 The Comet Project - Dan Powell
hc177 Live At Hcgreen - Various
hc176 Broken Channel - Broken Channel
hc175 Dark Fingers And Paws - Scrubber Fox
hc174 Lipsia - Juno6
hc173 Hippocritical - Ricky Graham
hc172 Desiderata - Jonathan Fisher
hc170 Live At Albert's House - The Dook
hc169 Live At Sophienstrasse - The Sunshine Family
hc199 Slow Bullets - Testrack
hc167 Flores, Nubes, Y Pajaritos - Victrola
hc166 Afterglow Remixes - Various remix Phasic
hc165 Stfu Leeds Live March 2006 - Various
hc164 Samplepack Compilation - Various
hc163 Ebb And Flow - Jonathan Fisher
hc161 Sonido Del Callao - Mabafu
hc160 Bassmunter Projects various Remix Kams - Various
hc159 Slush - Indigo Mews
hc158 Little Mistakes - Olly Farshi
hc157 Schools And Houses - Twiyk
hc156 Trojan Eye - Paperball
hc155 Live At La Sat, Montreal - Moodsaver
hc154 Blue Break - Millicent
hc153 Pleroma - Jonathan Fisher
hc152 Too Bleep To Blop - 8 Bit Betty
hc151 A Nightmare Before Christmas - Various
hc149 The Dreams Of Edgar Brigham - Ricky Graham and Michl Bridge
hc148 Montreal 05 - Moodsaver
hc147 An Evening Return - Beth Kleist
hc146 Glasgow May To June 2005 - Special Brew 1.2
hc144 Anonaught - Radio909
hc143 Strange Communications - Phasic
hc142 Branches - William Fields
hc141 Earlids - Analog
hc140 Greenback's Dub Machine - Testrack
hc138 Part1 Hippocamp Summer Compilation Part1 2005 - Various
hc138 Part2 Hippocamp Summer Compilation Part2 2005 - Various
hc133 The Venlafaxine Collection - Damien Shingleton
hc132 Classix - DNCN
hc131 Mungle Jix '05 - Kams
hc130 Lo Sono - Dubsy Asylum
hc129 Pegaton Mytheye - PaperBall
hc128 My Friend The Voice - Veem
hc126 Treeline - Brent Mottley
hc125 Music Box - Distruc
hc122 The Realness - Kid Gloves
hc121 The Twins Experience - Various
hc119 It's Hot Hot Hot! - The Sunshine Family
hc117 Scandinavia Is Also A Part Of Cornwall - Various/Koept
hc114 Swell - Noun
hc112 Lessons From The Listmaker - Stephen Orsak
hc110 Fat Fook Fookles - Pisscakes
hc107 January Ep - Radio909
hc106 Thin Places - Jonathan Fisher
hc105 Live At Cmfu - Nybbl meets Kawula
hc104 Bahia Aleman - Mabafu
hc103 Hippocamp Christmas Compilation 2005 - Various
hc100 Hippocamp 100 Part 3 - Various
hc100 Hippocamp 100 Part 1 - Various
hc097 Smokes And Mirrors - Monoculture
hc091 Hippocamp Covers Compilation - Various
hc076 This City - Another Electronic Musician
hc068 You've Sat On A Snail... so Be It - Jonathan Fisher
hc065 Dry My Ice Ep - Anirog
hc064 Food In The Bins - Scrubber Fox
hc062 Tdimhatbimb - Michl Bridge
hc058 H2 - iermoc
hc057 Unknowing - Jonathan Fisher
hc054 Ep1 - Moodsaver
hc053 Voltron - Mikrosopht
hc052 A Small Thing - Erik Schoster
hc051 Like A Lotos Before Blossom - Michl Bridge
hc050 Scinortcele - Mikrosopht
hc046 Circabrae - Brent Mottley
hc043 Mokkha - Erik Schoster
hc041 Audio Therapy - Miyazaki S
hc040 Happflsoft - UV and Undark
hc039 Losing It - Blue Sky Research
hc038 P00ter M00sic - Aaron Adair
hc037 Hippcamp Valentines Compilation 2004 - Various
hc036 Soundtrack Music - Richard Bodgers
hc035 S/t - The Sunshine Family
hc034 Pisscakes - Pisscakes
hc032 Ill - Disastrato
hc031 On A Beach Of Pure Data - Autistici
hc029 I'm A Looper Baby So Why Don't You Kill Me - Disastrato
hc028 Aeon Of Qi - DNCN
hc027 Fireworks And Watershows depending On The Weather - Maroufleur
hc026 Inshore Waters - Blue Sky Research
hc024 Live In The Bedroom - Moodsaver
hc022 Peach Routes - Batfinks
hc016 Lono - Jensisch
hc015 Autumn - Blue Sky Research
hc014 Gleams Of Sun - Normal Natural
hc010 All Its Own - Batfinks
hc009 See Things - Blue Sky Research
hc008 Hippocamp Summer Compilation 2003 - Various
hc007 Clients - Domestication of the Dog
hc006 Drgs Presents Laburnam Live Chipmunk Orchestra - DRGS
hc001 H1 - iermoc
prehc01 Hc Christmas Compilation Part 1 - Various
prehc02 Hc Christmas Compilation Part 2 - Various
prehc04 Valentine Compilation - Various
prehc06 In The Cellar At Mle - Various